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Hot New ‘Do

September 10, 2011

Ever since Maddox had control over his appendages I wished he would play with my hair. My friend Adrienne’s son used to play with her hair and it looked so relaxing. Fingers brushing softly through the hair, twisting the strands gently, curling the ends around his little fingers. Ahhh, makes me want to take a nap.

Well, Maddox never did that, but I do think I might be able to talk Lena into it one day. She’s a terror when it comes to her hair so my latest attempt has been to let her brush my hair first, and then she (sometimes) lets me brush her hair in return. And when I say “sometimes” I mean that she let me do that this one time a few weeks ago. Need to try that again.

A few nights ago I was putting Maddox to bed and, imagine my surprise when he wanted to play with my hair! He began by gently combing through my hair with his little hands and brushing it in every direction, causing horrid snarls in the process. But, ohhh, it was so relaxing. Soon, though, he started twisting it around and I felt the need to direct him in a style.

Me: “Put it in a bun.”

Maddox: “Like a hot dog bun?”

Well, what other type of bun would it be?

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